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Cut Your Knitting – Steeks


Cut Your Knitting – Steeks


Tuesday/ 1 Session
July 11 / 6-8pm

Yes, Steeking means to cut your knitting. No, it doesn’t have to be scary.
Would you like to knit your cardigan in the round? Would you like to avoid purling back on the wrong side while your are using 2 colors? Is steeking  a technique you haven’t learned yet?
With a little preparation, cutting your knitting is a breeze and will literally open new pathways in knitting. You will learn how to plan for a steek before starting your project, reinforce your steek stitches using the crochet and sewing machine methods, what to do after you have cut your steek open, and what yarns are ideal for steeking.
You will leave with the knowledge of how to steek in various methods and be ready to look at all those patterns you have been putting off because of the “steek” word!

*There is homework for this class. Steeking homework

Class Instructor: Mindy



  • homework swatch
  • #6 or 7 dpns
  • small, sharp scissors
  • crochet hook #F or a size close
  • worsted scrap yarn

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