Repairing Our Knitwear


Repairing Our Knitwear


Saturday / 1-3pm

2 Sessions / January 18 & February 1

We put a lot of time, energy, and materials into our hand-crafted items, and the more they are worn or used, the more wear and tear happens.  In this class, we will explore a variety of techniques that can be used to extend the life of our garments.  

These include:

Repairing snags and broken stitches 

Reinforcing worn spot in heel of sock, elbow of sweater

Darning a hole in heel, toe of sock, other

Swiss Darning a hole (looks like regular knitted stitches rather than woven as in traditional darning) in heel, toe of sock, sweater, hat, afghan, cover a small stain

Knitted-on patch to cover a hole, worn area, or stain

Repairing damaged or wear of sleeve or bottom of sweater

Knitted elbow patch

If closely matching yarn is available, many of these techniques can make the mend nearly invisible.  

A modern trend is to flaunt the fact that a garment has been well worn and lovingly repaired; repairs are purposely made with contrasting yarn of similar weight.  Check out “visible mending” on Pinterest! Some of the mends are pretty awesome others pretty crazy, but all are fun.

Homework:  Knit three stockinette swatches with worsted weight wool yarn and #7 needle,  approximately 4” square. No garter stitch edges are necessary, just cast on 30-35 stitches and work even until about square, bind off.

Instructor: Diane


  • Darning egg or small glass with rounded bottom
  • DPNs #7
  • DPNs smallest size you have available
  • Sharp scissors
  • Blunt tapestry needle, straight one is best, in size appropriate for swatch yarn
  • Sharp tapestry needle in size appropriate for swatch yarn
  • Sewing needle and small amount of thread, any color
  • Sewing pins or T-pins
  • Yarn same as swatches and contrasting color, small amounts
  • Piece of medium weight fabric such as heavy cloth napkin or a piece of craft felt, about 1′ square
  • Dental floss or crochet cotton, 18-20″

Optional:  If you have a particular item that you want to resuscitate, bring it with you to class and we will help you troubleshoot an appropriate technique.

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