A Call For Hats

Hi Everyone!

A fellow Fiddlehead Yarns Knitter sent me the following email:

One of Zoe’s class mates and buddies (Riley) was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor on 5/1 and had surgery on 5/5 to have it removed. They were able to remove the tumor, however, she has a rough road ahead… the next 11 months will be back and forth between Kenosha and Children’s for chemo and radiation. There is a good chance that she’ll lose her hair as she is going through all of the treatments. I keep trying to think of ways to help (it’s heart breaking) and thought it might be a nice idea to get a few folks to maybe knit up some fun hats for her. She will start her treatments within the next 2 weeks and will likely need them in the next month or two through winter. Would you mind spreading the word? If you’re able to help get word out, I am thinking fun hats, wild hats; bright colors- pink and purple are her favorite colors.

If you have some yarn and time, please consider casting on for this little 1st grader! Some positive thoughts while you are working one up would be awesome!

…and if you need a little help with sizing… (This is approximate and for knitting. I don’t have crochet handy but if someone does please post)

3 sts/1” Cast on 64 sts
4sts/1” Cast on 84 sts
5sts/1” Cast on 104 sts
6sts/1” Cast on 126 sts

Thanks everyone! Feel free to drop any hats you would like to donate at the shop! Let’s help her feel a little better!

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