A different sock


The Summer ’14 Interweave Knits magazine is in the shop! Within the pages are many fun things that could make those trips to the beach, trips in the car and family picnics even more enjoyable!

Socks are the epitome of a great summer project: small amount of wool, tiny needles and a pattern that usually is easy to stop and start up again when ready.

Betty Salpekar wrote an article this issue discussing a different way to work up socks. It piqued my interest so I thought I would give them a knit.

The cast on is at the botton center of the foot.

Stitches are increased then decreased then knit together to create a “zip line” on the top and worked up to the mid calf. 

Nothing like a different way to knit socks to keep it fun!

…and why do these seem faster than a regular old pair of socks?